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List of products by manufacturer DOSTMANN ELECTRONIC

We are standing for compet­ence and know-how when it comes to meas­uring temper­ature, humidity, air flow and pres­sure value. Our meas­uring instru­ments are manu­fac­tured on modern produc­tion lines and are care­fully assembled. In our welle­quipped labor­atory, the instru­ments are matched to compar­ative refer­ences that are trace­able back to national stand­ards defined by the German PTB or similar European author­ities.

Our meas­uring probes are of high quality, subject to constant testing and accurate controls. This is a guar­antee for highly accurate and reli­able products. Helping customers with profes­sional advice is part of our company iden­tity. Please feel free to ask for more inform­a­tion!

Qualified staff and a range of powerful assembly machines ensure in our modern production to over 500 m² for the highest quality of our products.

Quality control
An evid­ance for the high quality of our products and services is our quality management system, certified in 1996 according to DIN ISO 9001.

In our in-house laboratory, all products through their paces are tested before they leave our house. Here equipment and instruments are used for balancing or for testing exception that meet the national standards of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt or equivalent European institutions.

In our warehouse we keep constantly for about 500 different items available for sale. Therefore, we can also supply most of our products within the shortest time you. The standard delivery time is generally 2 working days.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 119 items