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Data Loggers

Buy temperature data loggers and humidity data loggers at HACCPEMI, LDA. Huge range of temperature data loggers, humidity data loggers and wireless data loggers available.

Choose your favorite data logger!

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  • Temperature data loggers

    Temperature data loggers are extremely common, so HACCPEMI, LDA offers an array of product solutions to adapt to any temperature measurement. A wide variety of temperature data loggers right here.

  • Temperature & Humidity...

    HACCPEMI, LDA temperature and  humidity loggers are perfect for food processing, transportation, and restaurant fridge and freezer storage, including cold chain management, cook chill, and critical control points (HACCP). They are also used in labs and pharmaceutical.

  • Humidity Data Loggers

    Find great deals right here for humidity Data Logger. HACCPEMI, LDA humidity loggers are perfect for farmaceutical, food processing, transportation, and restaurant fridge and freezer storage.

  • CO2 Data Loggers

    Carbon dioxide data loggers to measure CO2 concentration and help verify ventilation and air-conditioning performance in school and office buildings.
    Wide range of CO2 data loggers for many applications. Specialized CO2 loggers are also made for harsh environment.

  • Power Data Loggers

    Energy and Power Meter, providing a comprehensive energy and power monitoring solution. The flexible system can measure and record Power Factor (PF), Reactive Power (VAR), Watt Hours (Wh) and a variety of other parameters.

  • Data Loggers Accessories

    Choose our accessories for data loggers, external sensors, software, cradel, communications cables and batteries, protective boots and waterproof pouch or cases.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 70 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 70 items