Dynamism, Experience, Innovation, Know-How.

HACCPEMI, LDA offers complete equipment and solutions of electronic measuring instruments for the world. Personalized responses to each customer which result in reduced costs, simplified equipment and systems easy to operate.

HACCPEMI, LDA specializes in sales of Electronic Measuring Instruments of innovative measurement.

Recognized for the quality of products and services markets as well as through partnerships with prestigious brands and international manufacturers, HACCPEMI, LDA is responsible for the representation of different brands globally renowned.


HACCPEMI, LDA has credibility with recognized competence.
Based on the sense of responsibility, we work for the satisfaction of our customers and their expectations continuously be achieved.
Through a team of qualified technicians, training and support of the brands it represents, seeks to enhance measurement tools solutions through innovation and commitment to the customer, creating at the same time, market value. HACCPEMI, LDA is a business unit based on its world market.
Its management philosophy is focussing on the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and employees in a relationship of mutual trust.


These principles, simples and clear, are the commitment assumed by all the organization.

  • Innovation;
  • Products and services' quality;
  • Credibility of the solutions offered to each customer, defined following their needs;
  • Good relationship with our customers;


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Attendance to the new technologies tendencies
  • Continuous training and actualization
  • Answering the questions that are placed on a constantly way, creating on us the necessary vitality to search several technical solutions.


Serve the customer, so today's potential customer become tomorrow's satisfied one.


  • Relation with partners, costumers, co-workers and suppliers, withholders of a common purpose, continuous improvement;
  • We orientate our actions under principles of ethics and responsibility;
  • Human Resources Motivation, established in an internal climate of fellowship, respect, joy, competence and integrity.
  • Our valorisation is intensified through the engagement that we place to our customers' service.
  • Know-how, experience, efficiency, dynamism, innovation.


HACCPEMI, LDA is gifted for the following sectors:

  • Agro-Food Industry;
  • And water treatment;
  • Appliances plants;
  • Automobile industry;
  • Aviation industry;
  • Catering;
  • Chemistry Industry;
  • Construction;
  • Electric;
  • Electricity companies and wholesalers of electrical equipment;
  • Electronics industry;
  • Energy;
  • Environment;
  • Food industry;
  • Glass Industry;
  • Health;
  • Hospitals;
  • Laboratories;
  • Logistics Centers;
  • Maintenance ;
  • Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Metallurgical Industry;
  • Metrology;
  • Mines;
  • Naval;
  • Oil and Gas;
  • Panel builders;
  • Paper and cellulose Industry;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Plastic Industry;
  • Print shop;
  • R & D;
  • Schools/ Teaching;
  • Textile Industry;
  • Thermal Industry;
  • Tobacco Industry;
  • Wind;
  • Wood and Cork Industry.