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Instrumentation - Measuring instruments

HACCPEMI offers an extensive range of electronic measuring instruments and professional measurement systems.

Instrumentation - Measuring instruments There are 148 products.


  • Balances

    Discover our range of commercial scales, industrial scales, weighing platforms, table scales, precision scales, analytical scales, counting scales, medical scales, among others, from traditional to more advanced.

  • Borescope Cameras -...

    A wide range of borescopes are available featuring various diameters, working length, viewing directions and angles.  Our flexible fiberscopes and accompanying light sources to meet your remote visual inspection needs. We will help you find the best borescope, pipe inspection camera, or fiber optic camera for your application. 

  • Process Calibrators

    We have a wide range of multifunctional process calibrators, process multi-scanners, and mA loop calibrators. HACCPEMI's process calibration tools is a high accuracy source and measure portable handheld calibrator used to inspect and maintain the accuracy of control devices. A full range of calibrators and troubleshooting tools for Instrument technicians working in the process industries.

  • Thermal imaging...

    Thermal imaging cameras give you the power to see problems invisible to the eye, and to see in total darkness. Thermal cameras can reveal moisture intrusion, missing insulation, and many other problems. Thermography is an accurate, quantifiable, non-contact diagnostic technique used to visualize and quantify changes in surface temperatures using high performance infrared cameras. Thermography is an accurate, quantifiable, non-contact diagnostic technique used to visualize and quantify changes in surface temperatures. Applications include vascular evaluation, tissue condition, muscle strain assessment, and bleed point detection.

  • Flow meters

    HACCPEMI's vane style, vortex shedding, rotameters and laminar flow element flowmeters for use in industry. Here you will find air flow meters to measure air velocity and air pressure, depending on the type of application. Ultrasonic handheld instrument for measuring flow and percolation. Perfect instrument for investigation of flow speed on all kin of pipe material (metall, plastic or ruber)

  • Gas Detectors and...

    HACCPEMI offers the gas detection systems for early detection and prevention of Gas Detection. Measurement and detection of combustible and refrigerant gases.

  • Light Meters

    HACCPEMI offers one of the largest selections of light meter models for industrial and building audit usage. Providing essential footcandle and Lux readings, HACCPEMI’s digital light meter range includes affordable, general-use models as well as sophisticated datalogging, LED (white, red and blue), and UV light meter choices.

  • Thickness measurement

    Thickness gauges for accurate measurement of substrate whether steel, iron or non-ferrous materials.

    The thickness gauges of ferrous coatings are indicated to measure the thicknesses of paint, enamel, varnish, plastics, zinc, brass, chromium, among other types of non-magnetic coatings. In this type of measurement the device uses magnetic induction as a measurement method.

    Thickness meters (non-ferrous) for non-ferrous substrates such as aluminum, brass, etc. Measures all types of insulating coatings such as paint, plastics, lacquers and others. In this type of measurement the apparatus uses as pulsed Eddy current measurement method.

    Thickness gauges include a wide range of features available to improve accuracy. Ultrasonic thickness meters can measure virtually all materials, such as plastics, metals, metal materials, rubber and internally corroded materials.

  • Pressure/ Vacuum Meters

    Pressure and vacuum measurement devices that will last, select from a huge selection of pressure gauges for every application and environment. To help detect essential process variables and transmit a continuous signal for measurement or data collection. A broad selection of Precision Digital Pressure Gauges for Gage, Absolute and Differential Pressures.

  • Process and Control

    HACCPEMI, LDA comes to offering its customers a wide range of process and control equipment with a powerful combination of quality, reliability and safety. HACCPEMI, LDA provides you with robust equipment, accurate and reliable for all kinds of work.

  • Occupational Health...

    HACCPEMI's Occupational Health and Safety instruments provide precise measuring to measure what's important in your safety program. See our variety of field instrumentation for wide use.
    Measuring instruments for OHS, air quality, sound level meters class 1 and class 2 spectral analyzers, environmental noise monitors, sound calibrators, hand / arm or body vibration meters, heat index meters, light meters, particle counter meter, CO2 meters

  • Ionizing Radiation

    Ionizing radiation is a form of energy that is capable of ionizing atoms and molecules, which means that it has enough energy to remove electrons from atoms, leaving them electrically charged. There are three main types of ionizing radiation: gamma radiation (γ), beta radiation (β) and X-rays.

    Gamma Radiation (γ):

    Gamma radiation is a form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation. Gamma (y) radiation is emitted by atomic nuclei during nuclear transition processes, such as radioactive decay.
    Gamma waves have no mass or electrical charge. And due to their high energy, gamma waves have the ability to penetrate deeply into materials, requiring significant thicknesses of concrete, lead or other high density materials to stop them.
    Gamma waves are used in several applications, including medicine (such as radiotherapy for cancer treatment), sterilization of materials, detection of flaws in materials, among others.

    Beta (β) radiation:

    Beta radiation (β) consists of electrons (β-) or positrons (β+), which are emitted by unstable nuclei during radioactive decay processes. Beta electrons are lighter than Gamma rays and, therefore, are less penetrating and can be blocked by materials such as metal plates or even clothing.

    Positrons are the antiparticle of electrons, and when they meet frequent electrons, they annihilate each other, releasing energy in the form of Gamma radiation. Beta radiation is often used in medicine, in applications such as cancer treatment and diagnostic imaging (such as positron emission tomography - PET scan).

    X ray:

    X-rays are a form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, with wavelengths shorter than visible light. They are produced when high-energy electrons are abruptly slowed down or when electronic transitions occur in atoms.
    X-rays have greater penetrating strength than Beta radiation, but less than Gamma radiation. X-rays are widely used in medicine for diagnostic imaging, such as radiographs, fluoroscopy and computed tomography (CT scan), as well as in other areas such as airport security inspection, industrial quality control and in scientific research.
    In summary, these three types of ionizing radiation have different characteristics and applications, but they all present potential health risks and must be used with care and appropriate precautions.

  • Sound Meters & Decibel...

    From noisy nightclubs to loud manufacturing facilities, HACCPEMI's decibel meters are used to test whether a sound level exceeds levels established by municipal or national laws. Occupational safety and health standards turn to HACCPEMI's for a reliable sound meter (commonly called a dB meter or noise meter) to determine an acceptable noise level with and without hearing protection. For on-the-person occupational sound measurement, HACCPEMI’s noise dosimeter selection offers options for datalogging personal exposure to excessive sound levels.

  • Tachometers

    Pinpoint accuracy combined with measurement versatility. Tachometers are fast and accurate instruments utilizing laser or contact to measure rotational and linear speeds. Equipped with a laser and a range of contact adapters, they are versatile instruments that suit a wide range of applications. Having a compact design, they can be operated with just one hand and are supplied in a sturdy carrying case. The read out could be (km/h, RPM, meter per minute, liter per second ...).

  • Timers

    HACCPEMI has a complete line of digital and programmable timers that suit different processes. It can be used to control the sequence of an event or process. Our timers can be mechanical, electromechanical and digital.

  • Dial Indicators

    The dial indicator is a tool for measuring the difference in height between two flat surfaces using a built-in probe. The comparator is used in industry and in quality control to check tolerance during the inspection process. Comparators make it possible to measure flat surfaces and detect errors with great precision. HACCPEMI with a wide range of analog and digital comparators for professional use.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 148 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 148 items