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HACCPEMI, LDA offers a huge range of Thermometers for all applications and Industries such as Thermometers for Catering and Food Processing, Industrial Thermometers, Sous-Vide Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Fridge or Freezer Thermometers, Oven hermometers and many more options to fulfill your needs!

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  • Thermometers with Probe

    Thermometers with probe: Catering and food thermometers with sainless steel food penetration probe, thermometer with surface probe for grills and hot plates, Thermometers with probe for industrial applications, and many more options!

    HACCP criteria often used include measurements of temperature, time, moisture level, pH, Aw, available chlorine.

  • Thermometers without...

    The HACCPEMI, LDA offers a wide range of thermometers without probe to allow for a proper choice between different types of sensors for all applications: Industry, Hospitality, Catering, Catering, Food Quality Control, Catering, HACCP, SOUS-VIDE, Control Water in temperature, Legionella, Food Industry, and more!

    Criteria often used include measurements of temperature, time, moisture level, pH, Aw, available chlorine.

  • Infrared Thermometers

    An infrared thermometer's advantage against a conventional probe thermometer is speed and the fact that it is non-contact; but keep in mind an infrared thermometer only measures the surface temperature. Infrared thermometers are easy to use, simply point the instrument at the object you wish to measure and read the temperature on the LCD.

  • Wireless thermometers

    Wireless thermometer is designed to monitor temperatures remotely. Transmitting temperature data to a PC or Android, Windows CE mobile, iOS or Bluetooth® mobile device via a secure connection.

    Wireless thermometers developed to provide accurate temperature measurements communication with an economical solution that offers competitive advantages and adds value to processes that require remote temperature measurements.

    Wireless thermometers are specifically designed to meet the most stringent requirements of food process operations.

  • Thermometers and Printer

    Thermometers and Printer. For recording time, date and temperature and printing that information to a "Receipt". For use in the food and catering industry.

  • Fridge or Freezer...

    Fridge freezer thermometers - Quality fridge thermometers or freezer thermometers are essential to guarantee food is stored safely. These fridge & freezer thermometers will ensure your fridge or freezer is always at the correct temperature, keeping your food healthy and safe to eat.

  • Oven Thermometers

    Oven thermometers  will ensure that food is properly cooked. A good oven thermometer will allow your food to be cooked right through and safe to eat. Using an oven timer or cooking timer will assist your cooking also.

  • Frying Thermometer

    The first thing you should take into account to get fried with quality is the oil temperature with a thermometer from HACCPEMI, LDA. he food should always be fried between 180ºC and 190ºC. This temperature will give a golden tone, a crunchy texture, and a homogeneous internal cooking without existing excess fat absorption. If the temperature is too high, the food will burn and the inside will be raw, if the temperature is too low, the food will absorb too much fat.

  • Max Min Thermometers

    Welcome to our extensive range of maximum and minimum digital and analog thermometers. The maximum and minimum thermometer records the temperature variations occurring in an environment over a period of time. The maximum and minimum thermometers provide three values: minimum temperature, maximum temperature and the current temperature.
    Max min thermometers are often used by gardeners, farmers and are an ideal instrument for use in the greenhouse, in the garden or allotment to monitor minimum temperature levels during the colder months when frost can be a huge problem and also to keep an eye on the maximum temperature during the warmer months. All of the max min thermometers on this page show the current temperature and also the maximum and the minimum temperatures simultaneously until reset is enabled. Dont forget to browse our complete garden thermometer range to help with monitoring garden and greenhouse temperatures.

  • Analog Thermometers

    Our analog thermometers use the bimetal and gas expansion principle.

    The thermometer capillary gas expansion consists of a metal bulb connected by a metal capillary and an element-sensor. The gas fills the whole instrument and temperature variation dilates elastically deforming the element-sensor.
    This element-sensor is coupled to a pointer which can rotate freely on a graduated scale. Since the relationship between the sensor element, deformation and the temperature is proportional to the instrument provides a linear reading.

    The bimetallic thermometer is constructed of two sheets of different metals welded together and when heated, to dilate. As metals are different to the temperature variation, one expands more than the other which causes blade bending. Connected to a pointer that rotates with the heating indicating the temperature on a display.

  • Reference Thermometer

    The Reference thermometers are high accuracy PT100 instruments are ideal for comparison checking the calibration and accuracy of other thermometers and probes, when used in conjunction with a stable temperature heat or chill source.

    If your business uses a number of thermometers, then a reference thermometer is the ideal way of checking them to ensure their on-going accuracy.

  • ATEX Thermometers for...

    Our ATEX Digital Thermometer sets the new standard of industrial temperature measurement. Whether working outdoors in environments where potentially explosive gases may be present or on the floor of a processing plant, the intrinsically safe.
    Our Intrinsically safe Digital Thermometer is accurate, stable and durable, making it the best alternative to mercury thermometers and existing electronic thermometers.

  • Industrial Thermometers

    HACCPEMI, LDA supply industrial thermometers for every industry and are leading thermometer supplier for science, laboratory, education, industrial process, marine, hvac, and refrigeration.

  • Temperature Probes

    The thermometers are only part of the system; of equal importance is the design of the temperature probes used to physically measure the item.

    HACCPEMI, offers you an extensive range of thermocouples, RTD's our thermistor probes to compliment our range of portable, hand held thermometers and Data Loggers, controlers and indicators.

  • Thermometers Accessories

    HACCPEMI, LDA offers the latest accessories; probes, antibacterial wipes, battery, protections in different colors.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 79 items