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Process and Control

HACCPEMI, LDA comes to offering its customers a wide range of process and control equipment with a powerful combination of quality, reliability and safety. HACCPEMI, LDA provides you with robust equipment, accurate and reliable for all kinds of work.

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  • Controllers/ Thermostat

    Monitor and control temperature or process applications. Control methods include ON/OFF, PID, fuzzy logic, self-tune, and manual tune.

  • Pressure

    A HACCPEMI, LDA is an industry leader for the breadth and quality of its pressure sensors, which include pressure transmitter and pressure transducers. We offer a very large pressure sensor portfolio containing a wide variety of pressure ranges. Our pressure sensors are used for a range of diverse applications in industries such as medical, aerospace, transportation, general industry, and test and measurement.

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  • 7 241,00€

    Brand: HiTec Systems The AtmoCheck® analyser works without a pump, and can therefore be used to accurately measure O2 in extremely small headspace volumes. Examples of where this machine excells are: modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with a minute headspace, or very small blister packs for pharmaceuticals. Measuring range <0.0 to 100%, resolution...

    7 241,00€
  • 100,80€

    Brand: TFA DostmannThe sous-vide is a culinary method that maintains the integrity of the food, preventing the loss of moisture and flavor when heating it for long periods of time at relatively low temperatures. The KIT includes: Sous-Vide Thermometer, probe with silicone cable, 2 meter PE foam tape, instruction manual and battery.

  • 51,00€

    Brand: TFA DostmannThe 31.1034 thermometer with interchangeble thermocouple probes, robust case offering IP65 protection, measures temperature over the range of -64°C to +1370°C with a 0.1°C resolution over the range -9.9 to 199.9°C. Each thermometer incorporates an easy to read, custom LCD display, low battery and hold function.

  • 376,84€

    Brand: GreisingerThe precise pH and temperature device with interchangeable pH electrodes connector features an easy to read, LCD display. Even easier operational ensured by a menu reduced to 5 points for the instrument GMH 3511. Minimal measuring effort because of maintenance-free gel electrode and the automatic temperature compensation. 

  • 32,49€

    Brand: Elitech The Elitech EK-3010 controller is suitable for temperature control in cold or heating equipment. The controller includes NTC temperature probe with 2 meter cable and measures the temperature between -40°C to 99°C.    

  • 65,00€

    Brand: Elitech STC-1000Pro is a plug-and-play, safe and reliable smart digital temperature controller. It features with two pre-wired heating and cooling outlets that can easily connect with refrigeration and heating equipment to realizing ideal temperature controls automatically.

  • 111,00€

    Marca: Elitech Elitech RCW-2100WIFI Temperature Humidity Data Logger with Cloud and Mobile APP. The wireless temperature and humidity monitor system consists of multi wireless temperature and humidity sensors RCW-2100, a transceiver RCW-2000, Elitech Cloud and Mobile APP.   

  • 409,00€

    Marca: Elitech Elitech RCW-2000WIFI Multi Points Temperature Humidity Data Logger & reciever (Gateway) With Cloud and Mobile APP (30 Sensors Supported). The wireless temperature and humidity monitor system consists of multi wireless temperature and humidity sensors RCW-2100, a transceiver RCW-2000, Elitech Cloud and Mobile APP.   

  • 346,80€

    Brand: Extech The RF153 digital refractometer is easy to use, rugged, portable and waterproof IP65 protection, so that field or laboratory measurements can be made.RF153 measures the level of Dissolved Sucrose in Liquids. The measurements of % Brix or the refractive index (RI) to determine the parameters of sugar concentration.

  • 2 163,60€

    Brand: HiTec SystemsAtmoCheck® DOUBLE is a practical battery-operated double analyser for random sample measurement of residual oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in gas-treated food packaging (MAP). This is an ideal analyser for swift, accurate mobile checking at the packaging machine, in the warehouse or in the laboratory. The AtmoCheck Double meter...

    2 163,60€
  • 947,50€

    Brand: GreisingerResidual oxygen measuring system (for gases with elevated CO2 percentage GOEL 370). The resOx 5695-H meter indicates residual oxygen over the range of 0.0 to 100.0 O2 or displayed in mmHg O2. These ready-to-use residual oxygen measuring systems with included gas pump ideal for the quality control of MAP food packaging and comparable...

  • 175,20€

    Brand: Dostmann ElectronicThe AirControl 5000 CO2 instrument with data logger features an easy to read, LCD display. Indicates CO2 over the range of 0 to 5000 ppm. Indicates the temperature, humidity and CO-concentration.

  • 1 650,00€

    Brand: Dostmann Electronic The 5020-0840 is an ultrasonic flowmeter for application outside the duct for flow measurement in liquids with impurities of less than 5% and a flow rate greater than 0.03m³/ h, such as water, glycol, oil and chemicals. Perfect instrument for investigation of flow speed on all kin of pipe material (metall, plastic or ruber)....

    1 650,00€
  • 331,60€

    Brand: GreisingerThe precise oxygen GMH3692 features an easy to read, LCD display. Indicates oxygen over the range of 0.0 to 100.0% O2 and an accuracy of ±0.1% ±1 digit.       

  • 285,00€

    Brand: Elitech The chemical composition of the atmosphere is constantly changing due to the large amount of pollutants released every day. Inhalable particles are one of the most serious air pollutants in terms of public health. The M2000 Air Quality Analyzer measures PM2.5, PM10, Particles, CO2, HCHO, Temperature and Humidity.

  • 700,46€

    Brand: GreisingerOxygen monitoring in aquaculture and aquaria. Testing of well water, sewer system and in wastewater treatment plants, so suitable for harsh environments.  The GMH5630 meter indicates dissolved oxygen over the range of 0.00 to 70.00 mg/l (or ppm) O2 concentration, 0.0 até 200% O2 saturation, O2 parcial  pressure of 0 to 1200 hPa O2.      

  • 430,36€

    Brand: GreisingerThe precise dissolved oxygen G1610 with maintenance-friendly galvanised sensor features an easy to read, LCD display.  The G1610 meter indicates dissolved oxygen over the range of 0.0 to 20.0 mg/l (or ppm) O2 concentration, 0 to 200% O2 saturation and an accuracy of ±1.5% of m.v. ±0,2 mg/l or ±1.5% of m.v. ±2% O2 saturation.      

  • 119,94€

    Brand: Greisinger Greisinger's pH electrodes combine precision and high performance. High accuracy and reliability as well as low maintenance. The GE 114 WD electrode is precise and designed specifically to measure pH in liquids among other products.

  • 195,70€

    Brand: GreisingerThe precise pH/Redox and temperature meter G1501 with interchangeable electrode features an easy to read, LCD display and is supplied with a GE 114 WD pH electrode.  The G1501 meter indicates pH over the range of 0,00 to 14,00 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH and an accuracy of ±0.02 pH and the Redox over the range of -1500 to 1500 mV or...

  • 309,64€

    Brand: GreisingerThe dual channel GMH3231 thermometer with interchangeble thermocouple probes, offering IP65 protection, measures temperature over the range of -220 to 1750°C with a 0.1°C resolution over the entire range. Each GMH3231 incorporates an easy to read, custom 4 digit LCD display with auto off function, open circuit, low battery, hold, max/min...

Showing 1 - 20 of 37 items