Collection, treatment and archiving of personal data: In an attempt to perform efficiently its obligations, HACCPEMI (EMI- must collect certain personal information about the User (surname, first name, email address and home address). By giving to HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) his/her email address, the User will be able to receive an email acknowledging his/her orders.

HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) is obliged by the law to check the accuracy and ensure the updating of the personal data that it had collected. Therefore, the User is entitled to access, modify and delete his/her personal information. The User is informed that this automatic data processing, (especially the management of email addresses), has been declared.

HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) strives to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted on the Web. In this respect, please note that the website HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) utilizes a secure payment mode, called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In an attempt to train our Customer’s service and for quality’s monitoring purposes, please note that certain phone calls may be recorded. Further, certain data may be processed in Switzerland for the management of Users calls purposes. Subscription to the newsletter: Depending on his/her choice made at the registration stage, the User may receive commercial offers from HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) as business partners, via emails, telephone or text messages as specified at the time of the registration.

The User may change his/her minds at any time by going to the section “My space/ I modify my personal data/ HACCPEMI (EMI-LDA.COM) newsletter” where he/she shall tick “ I am not interested in the commercial offers and I do no longer wish to receive them”.

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