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Chlorine Meters

HACCPEMI, LDA offer accurate and cost effective way to measure chlorine. Chlorine Meter provides a quick and easy measurement of free or total chlorine.

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    Direct reading of Total Chlorine down to 0.01ppm. The CL200 is an ExStik® Chlorine Meter. This revolutionary technique measures Direct Total Residual Chlorine from 0.01ppm to 10ppm. It makes non-subjective measurements unaffected by interferences associated with traditional colorimeters and spectrophotometers like sample color, turbidity, light, and...

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  • 562,95€ In stock

    Portable tester for measuring of both Free and Total Chlorine. This revolutionary technique measures Free and Total Chlorine from 0.01ppm to 3,50 ppm. The CL500 is a free and total Chlorine meter. This chlorine tester measures up to 3.50ppm with 0.01ppm resolution on its large LCD screen. 

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items