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Temperature data loggers

Temperature data loggers are extremely common, so HACCPEMI, LDA offers an array of product solutions to adapt to any temperature measurement. A wide variety of temperature data loggers right here.

Temperature data loggers There are 45 products.


  • Printing Temperature...

    HACCPEMI, LDA covering in any detail the scores of instruments on the market today for recording, logging, printing, and storage of data. In addition to the data log printout as well as verify the occurrence of alarms.
    It is ideal for transport refrigeration applications where it is necessary to perform operations on site without the use of a computer. Printing thermometer has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective way of automatically measuring and recording.

  • Wireless Temperature...

    Wireless data loggers for monitoring and recording temperature. Wireless data logger facilitates easy and precise remote monitoring and collect accurate and secure data with cloud storage for global access.

  • Approved Temperature...

    Temperature recorders Approved by Ordinance No. 1129/2009 and STANDARD NP EN 12830

    • Ordinance laying down the rules of metrological control for temperature recorders, taking into account the food safety not only of deep-frozen foods, but also of refrigerated, frozen and frozen creams.
    • Temperature recorders will therefore be subject to model approval and initial verification before putting into service, as well as the annual periodic check.
    • The legislation covers the Cold Chain almost in its from the food producer to the final costumer.
    • The metrological control operations are evidenced by markings and seals that guarantee the inviolability of the measuring instrument.
    • Sealing blocks both hardware and software in such a way that the software used guarantees the confidentiality of the data obtained and the protection against manipulation of the metrologically relevant data.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 45 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 45 items