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Environment & Decoration

Home and garden products designed to give you maximum functionality coupled with ease of use. Room thermometers, garden thermometers, pool thermometers, digital weather stations, barometers, smartphone gadgets, clocks and alarme clocks, sport & leisure, scales and much more.

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  • Pool

    Here are the best digital pool thermometers on the market today. Measures Pool temperature; Floats to allow you to see water temperature any place in the pool; Gives temperature in °F or °C. Keeping an eye on your pool temperature can save you money using a pool heater too.

  • Kitchen & Household

    Ensure food safety with food service thermometers and fridge freezer thermometers - Quality food service process including storing, preparing, holding and reheating and fridge or freezer thermometers are essential to guarantee food is stored safely. Using a food, fridge & freezer thermometers will ensure you safe from harmful food. Your food, fridge or freezer is always at the correct temperature, keeping your food healthy and safe to eat.

  • Sauna

    Thermometers, hygrometers and timers for sauna.
    Keep track of the temperature, humidity and time of your Sauna bath with our Timers, Thermometer and Sauna Hygrometers. Our thermometers, hygrometers and timers for control will ensure the well being of sauna users.

  • Home and Garden

    HACCPEMI have fantastic collections in contemporary styles of beautifully made, high quality House & Garden products that will help make your homelife both more enjoyable and productive.

    Discover our wide range of thermometers, thermo hygrometers, watches and weather stations specially designed for home and garden. Buy online with the greatest convenience.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 29 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 29 items