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Access our online catalog and see all we have to offer you. Make your Tour in our online store to get all the information you need. Our commitment is to represent the best products and manufacturers at the best prices, thus creating the best offer. For this we join the best suppliers and carriers, in order to facilitate the entire process of cho...

Access our online catalog and see all we have to offer you. Make your Tour in our online store to get all the information you need. Our commitment is to represent the best products and manufacturers at the best prices, thus creating the best offer. For this we join the best suppliers and carriers, in order to facilitate the entire process of choice, purchase and delivery. You can count on the main brands of products, delivered in your home or in your company.


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  • Thermometers

    HACCPEMI, LDA offers a huge range of Thermometers for all applications and Industries such as Thermometers for Catering and Food Processing, Industrial Thermometers, Sous-Vide Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Fridge or Freezer Thermometers, Oven hermometers and many more options to fulfill your needs!

  • Data Loggers

    Buy temperature data loggers and humidity data loggers at HACCPEMI, LDA. Huge range of temperature data loggers, humidity data loggers and wireless data loggers available.

    Choose your favorite data logger!

  • Hygro Thermometers -...

    A hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the atmosphere. Humidity measurement instruments usually rely on measurements of some other quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass or a mechanical or electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed. By calibration and calculation, these measured quantities can lead to a measurement of humidity. Modern electronic devices use temperature of condensation (the dew point), or changes in electrical capacitance or resistance to measure humidity differences. 

    Moisture meters for reliable and precise moisture control for grain, hay and silage as well as solid bio fuels.

  • Analytical Instruments

    Analytical Instruments and Sensors measure critical parameters such as Glucose, protein, gluten, pH/ORP, chlorine, turbidity, fluoride, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen and conductivity in a wide variety of applications for reliable monitoring and control. offers a broad portfolio of analytical instruments and sensors to help run laboratories, HACCP, research, development and biosciences smoothly, efficiently and safely, allowing users to optimize costs.

  • Instrumentation -...

    HACCPEMI offers an extensive range of electronic measuring instruments and professional measurement systems.

  • Calibration equipment

    HACCPEMI offers a complete range of calibration equipment of various sizes. Temperature calibration equipment, voltage and current sources, black and infrared body source, test caps, multifunctional simulators, dry block calibrators, these laboratory equipment are perfect for those who need a fast, accurate and stable tool to calibrate the equipment.

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  • 575,69€

    Brand: TM ElectronicsMM7010Print – Bluetooth Logging Thermometer and Printer Combo. For recording time, date and temperature and printing that information to a ‘Receipt’. High quality and high accuracy versatile microprocessor Thermo Bluetooth Logging Thermocouple Thermometer. For use in the food and catering industry. The Thermometer is supplied complete...

  • 135,00€

    Brand: Dostmann Electronic External combination probe for LOG220 E with CO2, temperature, humidtiy and barometric pressue, 1,8m cable

  • 128,00€

    Brand: DostmannDatalogger for measuring with internal temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors. External sensors available for measuring CO2, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Includes motion sensor. Integrated USB interface for connection to PC for automatic PDF creation, includes support for wall mounting.

  • 405,08€

    Brand: Baxlo The durometer or penetrometer is a meter for monitoring the degree of ripeness and firmness in Peaches, Damascus and Plums. The meter provides valuable information on the optimum time of harvest and on the maturation process, in conservation chambers, in transport and in the respective sale.

  • 627,14€

    Brand: Baxlo Our Top Precision Series Thickness Gauges has been designed to measure with the highest precision a wide range of materials such as paper, paperboard, sheet, metal, leather, felt, rubber, glass, plastic films, plywood and also for measuring fast and accurately a wide variety of small parts in your workshop or quality assurance.

  • 288,00€

    Brand: Dostmann Electronic The ScanTemp RH 860 is a professional infrared thermometer with a TFT color display, in the shape of a pistol, with non-contact temperature measurement with a double laser beam, thus allowing the target to be easily identified. Measures temperature, dew point, wet bulb and humidity. 

  • 22,50€

    Brand: Gima Portable finger oximeter - SpO2 meter (blood oxygen saturation) and pulse rate. The OXY-2 finger oximeter is compact, lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to measure blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Allowing its use at home or in professional practice.

  • 189,00€

    Marca: Aranet Who breathes good air is healthier, happier and can do more. Headaches, dizziness and permanent fatigue are often due to a high concentration of CO₂ in the air. Aranet4 monitor helps you monitor how stale and contaminated the air is in indoor spaces where many people are present such as in schools, offices and public buildings.

  • 129,00€

    Brand: Dostmann Electronic The LOG 100 Cryo Temperature Datalogger developed for monitoring of cryogenic temperature in transport or storage. The LOG 100 Cryo datalogger monitors the temperature with the external probe between -200°C to +250°C and with an internal probe in the range of -10 to +70°C. The datalogger does not include external PT1000 probe...

  • 799,00€

    Brand: Tecnosoft Cryogenic temperature monitoring We provide cryogenic temperature monitoring systems for LN2 deposits (liquid nitrogen) or cryogenic freezers for ultra low temperature, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization), blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceutical products or frozen foods. Measuring range -80° C to 140°C.

  • 14,70€

    Brand: TFA Dostmann This max/min thermometer simultaneously displays the actual temperature whilst displaying the max and min temperatures on a digital LCD display. Digital max min thermometer in case with roof. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Measuring range -20 to +70°C (-4 to +158°F).

  • 36,00€

    Brand: TFA Dostmann This practical probe thermometer is versatile and impresses with its fast response time and high accuracy (from ±0,5°C). Simply remove it from the protective cover supplied, insert the stainless steel penetration probe into the measuring object and press the ON button. The measured value appears in the range from -40 to +250°C within 4...

  • 75,00€

    Elitech RC-61 USB Temperature & Humidity Data logger is ideal for pharmaceuticals, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc. You can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management that require quick response data logger. Temperature range between -30℃ to 70℃°C and relative humidity between 10 to 99% RH.    

  • 550,00€

    Brand: Schaller Humimeter Paper moisture meter for paper piles non-destructive method. Also ideal for automatically monitoring the climate of printing rooms and paper stockrooms.A new and revolutionary powerful portable measuring instrument series using innovative sensor technology. For fast and non-destructive moisture determination of paper and cardboard

  • 6 480,00€

    Brand: HiTec Systems The AtmoCheck® analyser works without a pump, and can therefore be used to accurately measure O2 in extremely small headspace volumes. Examples of where this machine excells are: modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with a minute headspace, or very small blister packs for pharmaceuticals. Measuring range <0.0 to 100%, resolution...

    6 480,00€
  • 5 600,00€

    Brand: Draminski ULTRASOUND SCANNER iScan Do you really think that using ultrasound scanners in the field is not comfortable? We designed DRAMINSKI iScan to disprove this myth! We will deliver a high quality image in a small and light device and you will make a correct diagnosis and advise a correct diagnosis and advise a propoer treatment.  

    5 600,00€
  • 49,50€

    Brand: ElitechElitech RC-5+PE USB temperature data logger features a plug-and-play USB port interface and allows for faster access to data collected in any cold chain management process. This could be used in pharmaceuticals, food, life science, cooler boxes, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer or laboratories. FREE traceable calibration...

    Phone: +351 217 655 520

    Brand: Infracont Professional grain analyzer and near infrared transmission (NIR) flour for analysis of whole grains and oilseeds, as well as flour content parameters with an integrated hectoliter weight module. With integrated printer, so that the weight values of the hectoliter can be printed automatically on the receipt together with the other...

  • 254,80€

    Brand: Corintech/ Lascar EL-WiFi-VACX is a Wi-Fi connected temperature data logger with a high-accuracy digital calibratable thermistor probe (buffered by a glycol bottle to accurately replicate internal vaccine temperature) and advanced alarming functionality.   

  • 2 850,00€

    Brand: Milkotronic/ Lactoscan Lactoscan SCC is a low-cost device, designed to detect somatic cells in milk samples, based on fluorescent image counts with analysis time of less than 1 minute.

    2 850,00€
Showing 1 - 20 of 328 items