Surface Hygiene Measurer, ATP + AMP +ADP Bioluminescence Lumitester Smart


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Brand: Kikkoman

Invisible food contaminants detected anywhere, anytime, by anybody in only 10 seconds.

Innovative hygiene monitoring using ATP-AMP-ADP measurement

Note: LuciPacTM Pen not included

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Advanced Chemistry

The proof is in our testing.

Independent laboratory testing confirms that the Kikkoman A3 technology provides detection of residues at levels much lower than other tests on the market. Using residue from many different foods, laboratory testing proved that Kikkoman A3 technology produced a test result (relative light units - RLU) an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products. In many of the foods tested, Kikkoman A3 technology showed a strong presence of residue while the competitive products produced test results below typical action levels showing that Kikkoman A3 can reduce the risks from false negative results.

Sterile dry swabs for fluids and surfaces for using with PD-30

Come clean with HACCP

Do you manufacture cosmetics, juice or foods? Do you prepare water?

Do you transport foodstuffs in tankers? Do you inspect cleaning in production? Are you responsible for hygiene in hospitals? Do you need quick and safe results in hygiene monitoring?

The degree of cleanliness plays an important role wherever HACCP concepts (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) have to be implemented. Lumitester PD-30 and LuciPac Pens (LuciPac Pen: for dry and moist surfaces; LuciPac Pen AQUA: for liquids and water; LuciPac Pen LS: for endoscopes and hard-to-access locations) provide you with certainty within the shortest time that these areas are hygienically clean.
Food manufacturers use these to measure bacterial contamination, as do employees at leisure facilities such as spas, saunas and swimming pools. Restorers can verify
contamination on works of art. Airlines can check the cleanliness of kitchens and toilets in real time. And large kitchens, hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical companies use them to ensure high levels of hygienic safety.

Cleanliness can be measured! The Luminometer PD-30 can be used according to DIN 10124:2009-12.

Safety in just five steps!

Hygiene monitoring in 30 seconds

Take a sample from a surface using the sterile cotton bud (LuciPac Pen) or use the sterile LuciPac Pen AQUA sampler to take a sample from a liquid or water. Then the respective sampler is inserted into the first reaction chamber, which is sealed with aluminium foil. This contains a strong detergent solution and breaks down any bacteria that may be present in the sample in order to render accessible the ATP.

In the next step, this mixture reacts with the freeze-dried enzymes located in the lower chamber. Here the luminescence to be measured is released in an enzymatic cycle.

The degree of luminescence is in direct proportion to the amount of ATP-AMP-ADP present, and can be quantified using the Lumitester PD-30 as relative light units (RLUs). The more bio-luminescence that is measured, the larger the degree of contamination. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

After no longer than half a minute, and without enrichment or incubation, you will know the degree of contamination from organic residues, such as bacteria. Compared to conventionally- available luciferase, the patented, manufactured, genetically engineered enzyme of the firefly is tolerant to various detergents. Thus any residues of cleaning products will not, in general, inhibit the reaction, and the measurement and result will not be distorted (patent no. EP1041151A1).

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Patented simultaneous AMP + ATP + ADP measurement system for increased sensitivity
  • Patented and detergent-tolerant Luciferase for authenticated results
  • Patented measuring cycle technology enhances luminescence stability
  • Extremely fast and accurate measurement method
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Select from 8 languages ​​by the user
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Reliable monitoring of wet and dry liquids and surfaces
  • Memory capacity for 2000 records
  • 400 programming modes (Object and group)
  • Measurement in RLUs - relative humidity of light
  • Ready for use in just 8 seconds
  • Auto Calibration
  • Data transmission via USB to PC or Bluetooth
  • Optional graphical data analysis
  • Software based on Excel format
  • Setting threshold values ​​to monitor individual scan samples
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Mark
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001
  • In compliance with DIN 10214: 2009-12
  • Supplied with protective cover


Food safety

Eliminate Contamination

Sanitation is critical to food safety and ineffective cleaning can affect the appearance and taste of food, harbor microorganisms and promote the production of biofilms. So, if your sanitation system only detects ATP, you’re missing potential contaminants.

ATP can be unstable and decompose into ADP and AMP. This means conventional systems that test for ATP alone may fail to find the true presence of contamination and may produce false negatives. Only the breakthrough chemistry in Kikkoman A3 technology detects ATP, ADP and AMP - more than any other product out there.

Independent testing by a leading laboratory confirms that the Kikkoman A3 technology detects food residues left behind at far lower levels than other tests on the market. Its superior sensitivity leaves food residue with no place to hide. And makes it easier than ever to assure better surface sanitation and support a more effective sanitation program that reduces the presence of resident organisms and the risks from food pathogens.

Detection - LuciPac A3 vs. Competitors
The LuciPac A3 showed superior sensitivity and stability for detection of food residues compared to competitive ATP tests. ATP in meat, seafood, egg and fruit is decomposed into ADP and AMP during processing increasing levels of ADP and AMP. LuciPac A3 is, therefore, able to detect food residues where other products almost cannot.


Hospital & Healthcare

Prevent Infections

Whether the contamination comes from blood, bacteria or body fluids, ineffective environmental hygiene can leave behind biofilms or residue that can harbor opportunistic pathogens in patient rooms or in medical devices. And while many hospitals and healthcare institutions use ATP-based swab tests to assess and verify cleaning procedures, testing for ATP alone isn’t enough. In fact, ATP can degrade on surfaces, reducing the amount of ATP available for detection causing conventional ATP tests to miss contamination and produce false negative results.

But now infection control professionals have an alternative tool available to provide a clearer picture. Offering higher sensitivity and better detection of residue than conventional ATP tests, Kikkoman A3 technology uses advanced chemistry to detect ATP and its degradation products - ADP+AMP - to guide and assure better sanitation outcomes and support a more effective environmental hygiene program that reduces the frequency of HAI and the presence and growth of nosocomial pathogens.


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Surface Hygiene Measurer, ATP + AMP +ADP Bioluminescence Lumitester Smart

Surface Hygiene Measurer, ATP + AMP +ADP Bioluminescence Lumitester Smart

Brand: Kikkoman

Invisible food contaminants detected anywhere, anytime, by anybody in only 10 seconds.

Innovative hygiene monitoring using ATP-AMP-ADP measurement

Note: LuciPacTM Pen not included

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