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Brand: Seek thermal

Before you can fix it, You need to findit.
Powerful Thermal Imaging Camera and 300 Lumen LED Light. Durable, all-in-one thermal imager, with a wide 36-degree field of view, making it the perfect tool to easily, accurately, and safely inspect any job site.

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Key Features:

  • Compact, portable, and lightweight thermal imaging camera
  • See what’s hot and cold all around you—detect heat through walls, foliage, even in total darkness
  • Pinpoint energy loss, air leaks, clogged pipes, and electrical hazards
  • Thousands of everyday uses—perfect for homeowners, contractors, inspectors, and more
  • Powerful 300 Lumen Light for use in tight spaces
  • Lasts up to 10 hours in continuous thermal imaging mode
  • State-of-the-art technology, tough enough for the toolbox
  • Quick startup provides instant detection
  • Intuitive, single-handed interface
  • Library of color palettes to customize the built-in display
  • Micro SD card for photo capture and USB transfer
  • Accurate inspection for electrical, mechanical, and building applications
  • Safely examine any job site in light or total darkness
  • Rugged, rubberized casing, and intuitive controls go to work where you do
  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 12μ Pixel Pitch
  • Distance 150 meters (500 feet)
  • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
  • Chalcogenide Lens
  • 36° Field of View
  • Magnesium Housing
  • Long Wave Infrared 7.2 - 13 Microns
  • -40°F to 626°F (-40°C to +330°C) Detection
  • < 9Hz
  • Model: RW-AAA

Powerful thermal imaging and 300 lumen LED spotlight. All-in-one durable device.

Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Reveal handheld imager combines powerful thermal insight and a high-performance light in one durable device.

With a best in class detectable range of -40°C to +330°C (-40° to 626°F), Reveal lets you pinpoint specific sources of heat—and heat loss—up to 150 meters (500 feet) away, all at just the touch of a button.

Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for a hotspot, a hunter tracking game, or a homeowner looking for peace of mind, Reveal delivers the insight and illumination you need to find, fix, and feel safe faster.

Thermal imaging provides useful insight into the detection of energy loss in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Inspection with thermal imaging detects energy loss caused by air leaks, missing or damaged insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, and poor construction.

With the Reveal Thermal imaging camera in seconds you can see the heat all around you. The advanced thermal sensing technology lets you detect a massive range of temperatures, from -40°C up to +330°C (-40°F up to 626°F) and locate specific sources of heat instantly. Use Seek Reveal in broad daylight or total darkness. Detect heat through walls, pipes, brush, and bad weather. Share and store the images and videos you capture. What you Seek is completely up to you.

Seek thermal imaging cameras give you the power to see problems invisible to the eye, and to see in total darkness.

Finding and assessing these problems requires a thermal imager to identify hot and cold spots. Seek Thermal Reveal thermal imaging cameras enable contractors to conduct building and home inspections quickly and accurately, without the need to crawl through attics and crawlspaces or punch holes in walls to find air leaks, thermal bypasses, and insulation gaps.

Reveal imaging camera is portable and easy to pack away for any occasion. It combines powerful thermal insight with a 206 x 156 (32136 pixels) sensor, a 36-degree wide field of view, and runs off the low energy from your smartphone. Seek Reveal uses advanced infrared technology to let you see thermal images in day or night. Its detection distance can shorten into a few inches or as far as 150 meters (500 ft).


Seek To Know More

Building Envelopes

The building envelope separates the outside environment from the inside and is a frequent location of energy loss. Find water and air leaks, identify structural damage, unsealed gaps and insulation gaps in:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Areas with building envelope penetrations
  • Door and window frames and seals

HVAC Motors and Generators and electrical systems

Electrica Eléctrica Eléctrica Eléctrica

Malfunctioning and overheating motors and generators contribute to energy waste within HVAC systems. As electrical components degrade, resistance increases and causes energy loss in the form of heat that can be measured using thermal imaging. Use thermal imaging to find imbalance, impending failure, and loose or corroded connections

Thermal imaging detects elevated temperatures, which are indicative of system inefficiencies and impending failure in:

  • Electrical connections
  • Fan-cooled motors
  • Bearings
  • Winding insulation
  • Transformers
  • Distribution panels
  • Lighting circuit controls

HVAC Systems

Aquecimento Desgaste Fugas Tubagem

HVAC systems can be the biggest energy consumer within a commercial and industrial facility. Preventive maintenance and repair can decrease waste and increase efficiency.

Use thermal imaging to find air and heat leaks, overheated components, misconfigurations, and wear in:

  • Compressors
  • Coils
  • Fans and blowers
  • Ductwork and registers
  • Electrical connections


Reveal Thermal

Boilers are at the core of every steam and hot water heating system, and they are frequently a point of energy inefficiency. Thermal imaging can detect error conditions in:

  • Refractory and insulation
  • Fan motors
  • Pumps Valves
  • Electrical connections

Steam-Heating Systems

Piso radiante Piso radiante Disjuntor Caldeira

Many industrial and commercial facilities still rely on steam for central heating. Thermal imaging can be used to find temperature differentials that show improper operation, leaks, and blockages that affect the efficiency of:

  • Steam traps
  • Steam lines and valves
  • Condensers
  • Radiator coil


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IR-camera Reveal Seek Thermal RW-AAA

IR-camera Reveal Seek Thermal RW-AAA

Brand: Seek thermal

Before you can fix it, You need to findit.
Powerful Thermal Imaging Camera and 300 Lumen LED Light. Durable, all-in-one thermal imager, with a wide 36-degree field of view, making it the perfect tool to easily, accurately, and safely inspect any job site.

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